Warranty Protection against failure of your protection

A Service Guarantee for those services you CAN’T guarantee


$100,000 of Compliance Failure protection  

$100,000 of Ransomware and BEC protection  

$50,000 of Business Income Loss protection 

$250,000 of Cyber Legal Liability protection 

  Pre Order 360Protect before 4/30 to SAVE

Introducing 360Protect from Cysurance. 

Now, you can offer clients up to a $500,000 service guarantee to certify your endpoint monitoring, network security and compliance tools against today’s worst cyber risks.

For YOUR piece of mind, For THEIR piece of mind

Confident in your endpoint monitoring product, but no capital for a pro-bono remediation if a new malware strain circumvents it?


Certain your firewalls and antivirus provide robust email security, but worried a customer’s new hire might fall victim to social engineering?


Positive your HIPAA software checks every box, but worried the client is not following its recommendations?

One low price for EVERYTHING

360Protect costs $30 per month per client, unlimited endpoints, 12-month commitment required, launches 3/31/21 

Up until 30th April 2021, MSPs and MSSPs can PRE-ORDER 360Protect for just $25 per month ($300 per year).

360Protect ensures that NO-ONE suffers setbacks from a cyberattack. 


There is no application, no underwriting and 360Protect payments are made within 15 days.

360Protect is a $500,000 service guarantee that can be bundled with your existing products and services and is NOT a replacement of cyber liability insurance.

You can't guarantee your Managed Solutions will stop all Cyberattacks

With 360Protect from Cysurance YOU CAN

Frequently asked questions

How are claims made?

If a cyberattack or compliance event occurs with your client, the partner must notify Cysurance within 48 hours and provide proof of the event and evidence that ransomware protection and/monitoring software or compliance software was installed and fully updated with all security patches. Reimbursement of the cost to remediate the event will be made within 48 hours – no adjusters, no lengthy claims process.

Are there requirements for me to integrate 360Protect into my service environment?

Prevention monitoring and/or services for ransomware, business email compromise, and data privacy compliance must be deployed in the customer’s environment. Cysurance can provide and/or recommend end point and monitoring solutions if needed.

  • Data backups must be installed in the customer environment
  • Customer must have completed risk assessments and PHI inventory if partner is offering services related regulatory compliance – HIPAA, PCI, SEC, etc
  • MSP must carry Tech E&O insurance
  • 360Protect is intended to support individual customers and cannot be triggered by a systemic compromise or failure of MSP’s environment
  • Signed subscription agreement acknowledging full terms and conditions

How much does it cover and cost?

360Protect from Cysurance covers up to $500,000 of cyber incidents per year. Incidents covered by this protection are Ransomware, Compliance Failure, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Business Income Loss. The cost is $30 per month per customer and is for a 12-month commitment. However, for a limited time, you can save $60 per year per customer if pre-ordered by March 31st2021.

How do MSPs implement the program?

MSPs should enroll all of their customers in 360Protect as a means of “assuring” their security and compliance services. MSP sponsor partners can offer 360Protect to clients as a value-added benefit, absorbing the nominal cost to differentiate and win and retain more clients. Or they can use it to grow revenue, adding it to their service stack and increasing their product price.

A customer list and selection of the reimbursement amount is all that is required to get enrolled. Program is billed monthly and a credit card must also be on file.

Does this program replace cyber insurance?

No. 360Protect is not a cyber insurance program. It is intended to augment the cyber security products and services you provide to your customers. We recommend that this program be deployed in conjunction with a cyber liability offering for your customer base.

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